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The Cellulite

Fatores que Favorecem o Aparecimento de Celulite

Family genetic predisposition

     The Cellulite is not an illness, but a female characteristic. The Cellulite is for the woman as well as the baldness is for the man. It is a characteristic of gender, associated to the hormone. As well as the  masculine hormone and the  genetic characteristics determine the  baldness, the  feminine hormones and the  genetic characteristics determine the  Cellulite and it is not in a such intense way as the baldness, because it will suffer more the  influence of the environment and the  life style , but also, the  genetic is present. The genetic inheritance is a very common factor that causes Cellulite and it has to be taken away in time. Different types of factors can be inherited in order to predispose to Cellulite such as production of hormones, constitutional type and even alimentary habits, but it doesn't mean that someone is obligatorily about to develop the  problem if somebody in the family has it. We will suppose that two identical twins sisters, with genetic predisposition for Cellulite and brought up by two different families are up to have the problem or not. It means that there is a huge possibility of one sister developing Cellulite, while other sister, for instance, would be out of the possibility of developing the same problem. The second sister’s case mentioned would happen just if her family was preoccupied in maintaining a healthy feeding and in doing regular physical exercises, so, the probability of having Cellulite would be very smaller; however, as the first sister’s family didn’t give much importance for those cares, the first twin would have a very bigger probability of developing Cellulite. A person with hereditary trend to develop Cellulite who has sedentary life and careless alimentary habits can have even more Cellulite than other who has larger trend, but takes care.  

Hormonal factors

 The feminine hormones are the main causes of Cellulite. Alterations of the production, use of medicines with hormones, disequilibrium between estrogen and progesterone, adrenal hormones can unchain or worsen the Cellulite for several mechanisms. They interfere in the metabolism of the fats, in the lymphatic and venous circulation, they facilitate the retention of water and salt and besides, they coordinate the fat deposition in the abdomen, hip and thighs in order to give to body the feminine aspect. Actually there is a female trend in having larger deposition of fats in the areas of the body where the Cellulite is more frequent. Even people with little amount of total fat can concentrate the adiposity in those areas. When the woman gains weight, great portion of the fat goes to these areas, and, still worse, if the fat deposition is quickly the disorder of the tissue is worse facilitating the formation of nodules of Cellulite. When the woman loses weight, the feminine hormones hinder the withdrawal of fats in those areas. For that reason, many people when lose weight, they lose it in the arms, face, thorax, legs and muscles, but not in the areas of Cellulite. The treatments with Lipolytics and Mesotherapy seek to mobilize the fats of these specific areas so that they can be used as source of energy and consumed. Even small disorders of that complex relationship among the hormones always result in worsening of the Cellulite. If a woman has Cellulite, it doesn't always mean that she has hormonal disequilibrium because even the feminine hormones perfectly balanced can provoke Cellulite, almost as a secondary feminine characteristic. This happens, because that person's fat cells have a sensibility increased to the hormones, provoking the fat deposition and then the formation of Cellulite. 

Bad alimentary habits

To eat more than the necessary, as well as rich diets in fats or carbohydrates or bad alimentary habits can increase the synthesis and the storage of fats, favoring the Cellulite. The action of drinking a small quantity of water and abusing of the salt hinder the change of the organism’s liquid balance favoring the retention of toxic residues of the cellular metabolism. (The cells work as a factory that produces several useful things, but all that work produces garbage - toxic residue - that needs to be constantly removed).

Sedentary life

The lack of physical exercises severely reduces the consumption of energy for the body facilitating the alimentary surpluses that will be transformed in fat. Besides, the cells lose the capacity of producing energy taking the whole organism to be slowly and more apathetic. The ancient life style didn't have the means that we have today such as easy transport, appliances, channeled water, etc. A woman had some household chores such as taking water from the well or walking to do her obligations that required her much more than nowadays and it wasn’t a long time ago. The modern means turn obligatory the accomplishment of some extra physical activities in order to avoid the sedentary lifestyle which is very harmful for the health in all aspects and not only for the body harmony.


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