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Sporting Orientation

For a good cardiovascular protection it is necessary just to walk fast, without stopping, daily, for an average of 45 minutes. However, to have answer in the form of the body, only walk is not enough, it is necessary to work out and a lot. In short, the truth is that to have an athletic body is necessary to be an athlete. Even though there aren’t fat excess, Cellulite or flaccidity, just exercises are enough. But if the Body Disharmony Syndrome is already present it is necessary to associate treatment in Clinic of aesthetic medicine and a good nutritional orientation. The Exercises are very useful, but, only the Exercises, separately, don't eliminate the Cellulite and the Body Disharmony Syndrome. For who has Syndrome of Body Disharmony, the recovery in the body shape depends on the combined action of Aesthetic Treatment in the clinic, Exercises and Alimentary Education.

To have a beautiful and healthy body is not easy, but it is possible to the ones that make an effort. Perhaps, by recognizing the difficulty of getting and maintaining a shaped body is the reason of valuing those women with shaped bodies. But why does the exercise change the bodies? Which are the alterations that happen?

We will remind the evolutionary nature of the human body and to consider that if our conscience and culture are modern, the subconscious and our basic reactions are prehistoric. The effect of the exercise happens when there is repetition. The body interprets as if we were "Men of the Caves." Then, in prehistoric scenery, if a man runs everyday is because he is seeking the hunt and the food, that should be difficult to get, or it is being the hunt and he needs to flee. In these conditions, the  body, adapted by the  evolution of the  species, answer and then  happen changes in the organism that facilitate the mobilization of the fats giving more force (The  increase of the  muscles) and animus (The  increase of the  energy). The fats decrease because they are consumed and reducing the weight and it becomes easier to run to hunt or to flee. The energy increases because there are the augmentations of the intracellular mitochondria that are corpuscles producers of energy. Then, the physical activity provokes impairment of the fat tissue, the increase of the muscles and of the production of energy. That effect, called "effort’s effect" happens only, however, if there is repetition along the time, at least 3 to 4 times a week. If there is not repetition the body interprets that this situation is fortuitous, not representing a real change, and continues to work accumulating fat and it doesn't produce muscular activity and increase of the energy.

To the modern men and women, if they want to have muscular mass, good form, cardio-pulmonary reserves and energy, they ought to imitate the prehistorical conditions and perform physical activities more frequently.  The body answers differently to the several types of exercises. As a general rule, they all are good, but some of them are more efficient for a certain objective.

Imagine that a runner makes a proof of 100 meters, in which a champion gets it less than 10 seconds. It is not necessary to breathe a lot, because in 10 seconds it badly gives time to breathe. What is necessary to the athlete is a lot of force in the legs, in other words, muscles, and she doesn't need so much oxygen. Because of that, this kind of exercise is called anaerobic. In other case, a runner of long distances, as a marathon runner, needs to have a very capable heart and a very good lung, because she will be exercising herself for several hours. So, she needs a lot of oxygen and it is not necessary a lot of muscle. Therefore, this kind of exercise is called aerobic. Aerobic exercises are: swimming, walking, running, bike riding, which are great to develop the cardio-pulmonary capacity. They also form muscles, mainly the swimming, but not as much as the calls localized Exercises or muscular activity. The ideal is the combination of the two exercise types.

Recommended aerobic Exercises: the characteristic should be considered of each one, but to swim, to walk, to run, bike or ergo metric bike are excellent aerobic exercises, they mean health and they also improve the body shape.

Anaerobic Exercises:  the  lifting training , muscular activity, are the  ones that have better effect in the formation of muscles, that is what gives the  body outline, but it should be very well guided because it is the  exercise that provokes more lesions when badly done. Body Pump and Lifting Training present good results, but they should be performed with a very closely physical education teacher's attendance.  For who wants to improve the  shape, the  combination of an aerobic activity with lifting training  activity is the  most efficient, but don’t forget that the  repetition of the  activity in  small intervals  is very important. The collective sports and the tennis have great action in consumption of calories and, therefore, to weight loss, but they are insufficient to obtain cardiovascular effect and body shape. The fact of doing exercises brings a pleasant good form of the  body and brings an useful health. Then, this is the hour of working out, without laziness or fear. Do not forget that a good orientation is indispensable.

Recommended Exercises



To swim, walk /jogging , ergo metric bike

Lifting Training, Body Pump.

The Choice of the Physical Exercises

The number of academies throughout Brazil and the entire world has been increasing a lot. The available statistical data are not exact, there is not an organ that coordinates and regulates that activity in Brazil . However, it is easily to percept the presence of these structures directed for the practice of the physical exercise in great and small centers, what happens certainly in response to the crescent interest of the population.

The main objective for somebody seeking the physical education in academies seems to be the aesthetic, but some other reasons can be identified as:  physical fitness complementation for athletes of high level; athletes’ preparation for amateur competitions; the complement for weigh loss programs; prevention and basic cares of health; medical treatment and leisure.

As well as the reasons to seek an academy are several, the frequenter are also different in several aspects as:  sex age, weight, height, physical type, previous physical conditioning and general aptitudes for the sport.

The physical activity can be characterized in five categories as occupational (manual work), of lifestyle (to take care of the house, to go on foot to the shopping, to go up stairways), recreation (to fish, to dance), care with the body (race, academies, swimming, gymnastics), sport as pastime (informal games), competitive sport (competitions).

Analyzing the statement that "when the physical activity is promoted, it would be important for the teacher to know the behavioral context and personal psychological aspects involved for the ones that practice" and that "the determinant of the physical activity are different for each one of the five categories ", we observed in practice, day by day, that sometimes, a same frequenter that seeks different academies, with the same purpose, receives several orientations.

 In the programs there is no great adhesion, having abandonment, rotation, and frequent frustration on the part of the frequenters, when they don't reach the intended objective.

Maybe one of the reasons is the fact of always not having good results, that is the why a lot of academies don't offer driven programs in a personalized way, giving to the frequenter the choice of the program, a lot of times inadequate, and it suffers influence of myths spread by the media and among the people.

Such verification is not compatible with the good professional and scientific formation and the positive involvement with the work of the professionals great majority that work with the area, being fruit of the lack of specific studies of the role of the physical education in the human aesthetics, that we considered to be the main reason, I admit or don’t, the search of the academies for the population.

Analyzing these aspects, we can see that here is the need of gathering information scientifically based and, above all, in how to apply the appropriate exercise to each individual, respecting their objectives, and consequently, to motivate the frequenters to the permanent and regular practice of the physical exercise. In other areas of physical education, the knowledge are already wide and with great scientific base, still a lot of publications don't have approaching in physical education, according to the human aesthetics’ optic, a phenomenon of nowadays.

The Physical education uses, a lot of times, the knowledge of the sporting acting to apply in the human aesthetics, but a frequenter of the academy can be interested in the development of a peculiar part of the body with aesthetic objectives and not in sporting competitions.

It is then, that a new field of performance appears, involving these areas of the sciences, that it is the development of the Human Aesthetics. The knowledge needs adaptations to answer to these new longings. The patterns of the Medicine, of the Nutrition and of the Physical education, for their basic areas of performance, can be adapted and new techniques and concepts will be assimilated.

The Medicine created the Aesthetic Medicine and the Nutrition was in charge of developing nutritive foods but with low calories, and to offer protein complements, vitamin and caloric. Programs of Physical education, with the aesthetic connotation and under scientific bases need to be developed. There are few researches in this specific area, and a specific one we observe is the use of the concepts already existent to assist the aesthetic objective.

An interaction among the Medicine, the Nutrition and the Physical education in a synergic way seems to be the best way to assist to the interest of the enormous portion of the population that seeks help to improve the self-esteem.

We will discourse, based on the available literature, and using the common sense, on aesthetic benefits that can be acquired with the help of the several sporting modalities.

Some attributes to the body aesthetics in several sporting modalities.

There are several available sporting modalities, each one with certain attributes, these characteristic can be used in the body aesthetics. We will talk about what can be acquired as aesthetic benefit by the frequenters and it is clearly more perceptible in the sporting practices habitually applied.


 It allows simulating the conditions of a bicycle from highway competition. The spinning controls the progress speed continually, simulating mountain and the resistance of the air. On the aesthetic point of view, the spinning works inferior members, developing legs, thighs and buttocks, besides being an aerobic activity and of great caloric expense. It is insufficient as only activity for the aesthetic objectives. Associated to the Lifting training, it can be a good program with aesthetic objectives.


 It is an aerobic activity. It begins when an individual moves to a speed and in a way that results in a flight period among the shocks of the feet against the soil. On the aesthetic point of view, the jogging aids to the reduction of the total body fat and it develops the musculature of the inferior members, however, although it is an average activity and high intensity, as only activity it is insufficient for the aesthetic objectives. Associated the Lifting training, it can be a good program with aesthetic objectives.


It strengthens the musculature of the inferior members, legs, thighs and buttocks. It improves the muscular resistance, and it reduces the total body fat. On the aesthetic point of view, the step aids to the reduction of the total body fat and it develops the musculature of the inferior members, however, although it is an average activity and high intensity, as only activity it is insufficient for the aesthetic objectives.


 The objective of walking is: make the people become more suitable to physical activities independently of age or physical conditions. If the walk turns to progressive activity, the zone of the white cardiac frequency it is reached. When performed with long duration, the walk is effective part of a program of weight control. On the aesthetic point of view, the walk aids to the reduction of the total body fat is a starting point to begin a program of aerobic development. Only this activity is insufficient for the aesthetic objectives. It can be used as starting point in frequenters that are sedentary, passing progressively for light race, with objective of aerobic development.

Weight training

This is the main anaerobic activity. It works the musculature of the superior and inferior members and could be adapted to aesthetic objectives with the purpose of muscular hypertrophy or physical conditioning. On the aesthetic point of view, the Lifting training is an effective exercise for the maintenance of the muscular tonus and increase of the muscular mass, although it is an anaerobic exercise, as only activity, insufficient for the aesthetic objectives. Associated to an aerobic activity, it can be an excellent program option with aesthetic objectives. The largest search for the practice of the Lifting training was for the period of the night and for the frequency of three weekly trainings, having as objective, in most of the cases, the physical conditioning, following for the body aesthetics.


It works aerobic resistance and the whole body musculature. It aids in the caloric expense, maintaining then the muscular tonus. On the aesthetic point of view, the swimming aids to the reduction of the total body fat and it maintains low muscular activity. Although it works the whole musculature, as only activity, it is insufficient for the aesthetic objectives. Associated the Lifting training it can be a good program with aesthetic objectives.

Physical conditioning

It develops the aerobic resistance, it aids to the reduction of total body fat and it maintains the muscular tonus. On the aesthetic point of view, the physical conditioning aids to the weight reduction and it strengthens the musculature, however, with aesthetic objectives, it should be associated with other activities.

Localized gymnastics

 It is an anaerobic activity. It increases the force and the resistance of the main muscular groups. However, programs of exercises elaborated to increase the muscular resistance don't have effect in the increase of the force. On the aesthetic point of view, the located gymnastics is an effective exercise for the maintenance of the muscular tonus and increase of the muscular mass; however, with aesthetic objectives, it should be associated to other activities.


It is an anaerobic activity. With the regular practice it develops superior and inferior member. On the aesthetic point of view, the mountaineering is effective for the maintenance of the muscular tonus and muscular development; however, with aesthetic objectives, it should be associated with other activities.


It strengthens superior and inferior members, acquiring muscular resistance and aerobic resistance. On the aesthetic point of view, the squash aids to the weight reduction and it strengthens the musculature, although it is an aerobic activity of high intensity. With aesthetic objectives, it should be associated with other activities.


It works superior and inferior members, acquiring force and agility and it aids to the reduction of total body fat. On the aesthetic point of view, the judo aids to the weight reduction and it develops the musculature, mainly of the inferior member. Although it is an aerobic activity of high intensity, with aesthetic objectives, it should be associated with other activities.

Mini Tramp

 This is an aerobic activity promoted by an elastic bed. It works aerobic resistance and it strengthens inferior members. On the aesthetic point of view, the mini tramp aids to the weight reduction and it strengthens legs, thighs, buttocks. Although it maintains the muscular tonus, as only activity, it is insufficient for the aesthetic objectives.

Some Considerations on Sporting Practice and Human Aesthetics


The frequency can include number of days a week, and number of times a day.

We advise in our study with patients with body disharmony, that for aesthetic objectives, the ideal of activities weekly is 5 aerobic and 3 anaerobic.  A minimum of 3 aerobic activities and 2 anaerobic weekly it also presents good results, but slower. The Muscular Flaccidity was found in 87% of ours patients, appraised for clinical examination. This flaccidity is due to sedentary life, or of the practice just of light exercises (95,8% of the patients), that are efficient to obtain a good  answer cardiopulmonary , but insufficient for increase and maintenance of muscular mass. In this study, 95, 8% of the patients are sedentary or they just practice light exercises. The tenuous lines that give the harmony of the feminine body are supplied in majority by the muscular tonus. The physical exercises should be important part of the treatment, to obtain tonicity increase in all the patients and to increase of muscular mass in the thin patients. However, it should be emphasized that to obtain this answer, it is necessary vigorous exercises. If the objective is an athletic body, the road should be in the direction of turning an amateur athlete. They are necessary 5 weekly sessions of 1 hour of aerobic activities (ergo metric bike, swimming or light race) and 2 to 3 weekly sessions of anaerobic activity (Lifting training or trainings of weight rising in group). Good feeding and exercises bring of pleasant the good body form, but they are justified for being, besides methods to improve the appearance, excellent actions of preventive medicine and of well to be emotional. The vigorous exercises aid to obtain negative caloric swinging, for the loss of body fat and they increase the thin mass and the muscular tonus. The electronic muscular stimulation is useful in supplying muscular tonus, but it should not substitute the emphasis in the exercises.


The duration is related to the intensity, due the total work performed by session. Considering that many sedentary individuals can perform a session of exercise of low intensity more easily and of long duration than the opposite and to obtain the benefits of the physical activity with a minimum risk. As the intensity of the exercise increases, the necessary duration to consume certain amount of calorie decreases. The duration of the exercise for each exercise session can be supplied as a number of minutes of exercise, total of kilocalories (Kcal) worn-out and total of worn-out Kcal for kilogram of body weight.


The intensity describes the necessary overload to generate a training effect.


The exercise programs for people sedentary, young, senior or obese should be started with activities of low intensity (walk).

The emphasis on the slow walk the moderate as the main activity in the beginning of a program, beginning slowly and progressing easily, minors will be the chances of provoking muscular lesions and of worsening old lesions.

When the individual gets to walk about 6, 4 km without fatigue, the progression for a walk program / jogging will be recommended.


The energy expense of the jogging/walk program is about twice bigger than the walk (in slow speeds the moderate ones). The important in the beginning of jogging program is to perform the transition of the program with walk to minimize the discomfort associated to the introduction of any new activity. That is gotten in beginning with a jogging/walk /jogging program that facilitates the adaptation when mixing the jogging with the walk. The jogging, obviously, is not for all. In the obese people's case or with ankle problems, knee or hip, it can be an avoided activity. Activities recommended for that population are the cyclism and swimming.

Games and Sports

As the individual becomes used to the exercise, other activities that demand higher levels of energy expense can be introduced, but without rest, as the table tennis, squash and exercises with music. Activities as walk /jogging can be introduced, in order to reduce the participant's chance of not adapting to the activity.

Training of force

It is of extreme importance to keep the thin body mass due to the maintenance of the energy balance for a lifetime avoiding in this way, futures problems of health. The recommendation to dynamic exercises of force would be in ten or twelve repetitions, demanding total width of the movement in an intensity that causes fatigue and a minimum from eight to ten different exercises that include the main muscular groups, proceeding at least twice a week.

The activity maintains or forms the thin tissue (muscle) that has the capacity of burning calories. Self diet programs takes to the loss of the muscle and the reduction in expense caloric diary, resulting in a crescent fat deposit.

The practice of physical activities also favors the sociability, the participation in group and the consequent interaction processes and social integration. The own improvement of the body aesthetics, as well as the perception of the progress of the physical condition (aptitude), it collaborates directly for a larger valorization and increase of the self-image aspects and self-esteem. Being well physically, as well as feeling healthier, the individual will be more easily up to meeting himself psychologically speaking. It will be possible to have a better performance in their social relationships.

Personalized programs

Based on these studies, Naturale Clinic developed own programs of exercises, recommending the most appropriate exercises for each physical type or each patient's situation.


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