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Sports Orientation 

  Step 2 -  Medical Orientations -   Nutritional and Sporting

What gives form to the body?

What actually gives form to the body is the muscle and not the fat. To have harmonic lines, the muscles have to present an amount (mass) and tonus (firmness) correct.

For a good cardiovascular protection it is necessary just to walk fast, without stopping, daily, for an average of 45 minutes. However, to have results in the form of the body, only walking is not enough, it is necessary to work out and a lot. The truth is that to have an athletic body is necessary to be an athlete. If still there is not fat excess, Cellulite or flaccidity, just the exercises and good feeding are enough. But, if the Cellulite and the Localized Fat are already present, medical treatments are necessary, besides the exercises.


The Exercises and the “men and women from the caves"

We will remind the evolutionary nature of the human body and consider that if our conscience and culture are modern, the subconscious and our basic reactions are prehistoric. The effect of the exercise happens because the body responds to them as if we were "Men from the Caves." In prehistoric scenery, if a man runs everyday is because he is seeking the hunt or he is being the hunt and he needs to flee. The body, adapted by the evolution of the species, answers. Then, the changes happen in the organism that facilitate the mobilization of the fats and give more force (The increase of the muscles) and animus (The increase of the energy). The fats decrease because they are consumed and reducing the weight and it becomes easier to run, to hunt or to flee. The energy increases by an increase of the corpuscles producers of energy (mitochondria). The physical activity, through this mechanism, provokes impairment of the fat tissue, the increase of the muscles and of the production of energy. This effect, that’s called “effort’s effect ", happens only if there is repetition along the time, at least 3 to 4 times a week. If there is not repetition the body interprets that this situation is fortuitous, not representing a real change, and continues to work accumulating fat and it doesn't produce muscular activity and increase of the energy.

To the modern men and women, if they want to have muscular mass, good form, cardio-pulmonary reserves and energy, they ought to imitate the prehistorical conditions and perform physical activities more frequently.  The body answers differently to the several types of exercises. As a general rule, they all are good, but some of them are more efficient for a certain objective.



Aerobic and Anaerobic

Imagine that a runner makes a proof of 100 meters, in which a champion gets it less than 10 seconds. It is not necessary to breathe a lot, because in 10 seconds it badly gives time to breathe. What is necessary to the athlete is a lot of force in the legs, in other words, muscles, and she doesn't need so much oxygen. Because of that, this kind of exercise is called anaerobic. In other case, a runner of long distances, as a marathon runner, needs to have a very capable heart and a very good lung, because she will be exercising herself for several hours. So, she needs a lot of oxygen and it is not necessary a lot of muscle. Therefore, this kind of exercise is called aerobic. The anaerobic exercises, such as the lifting training, for instance, is very good to form muscles, but it develops the heart just a little as well as the lung. But, the aerobic exercises, such as swimming, walk, jogging, bike riding are great to develop the cardio-respiratory capacity. They also form muscles, mainly, the swimming, but not as much as the lifting training. The ideal is the combination of the two exercise types. A great association is swimming and muscular activity.


For those who want to improve the body form, the combination of an aerobic activity with muscular activity is the most efficient, but we must not forget that the repetition of the activity in small intervals is so much important. The collective sports and the tennis have great action in consumption of calories and therefore weight loss, but they are insufficient to obtain cardiovascular effect and body form.

Exercise practice brings a pleasant good form to the body and brings a useful health. Then it is the time of working out, without laziness or fear. A good orientation is indispensable and if the age is advanced, it is necessary medical evaluation before beginning. Exercises are important parts of the Naturale Clinic Program of Body Aesthetics, Corpore Naturale, and a personalized orientation is the ideal to obtain the results, with the treatments performed at the clinic.


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